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Serenity Sistas is proud to be an affillate of  Facing Addiction with NCADD


While shopping on Amazon, please consider supporting Serenity Sistas' on Amazon Smile. We have started a fund for scholarship beds to help those individuals seeking a new way of life. Many come to us with little or no support, and due to a sometimes colorful past have a bit of an issue finding employment right away. The fund was started by a friend of the Sistas' and Mistas' who is an avid runner and "just wanted to help." Serenity Sistas will match funds from Amazon. We will keep you posted on the progress!!


Your donations will be used to help women coming to Serenity Sista's with little or no resources. Often these ladies can not afford part or even all of our intake fees. Your donations are appreciated and will help them start their road to recovery.


Your Donation will help a new resident with the following costs: $100.00 intake fee $300 First two weeks rent Your donations will help Serenity Sista's to offer scholarship placement for those who want recovery....Serenity Sista's is a non profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and all donations are fully tax deductible.

Donating at work? Please consider donating to Serenity Sistas via the United Way of Southern Maryland. At the bottom of page one of the pledge form write in “Serenity Sistas Inc; Book #3795; 331 Epping Way, Annapolis, MD 21401”